Scripture memory: why, how and what

John Piper gives a short list of reasons why scripture memory is a good pursuit.

How to memorize.  In only 5 to 10 minutes a day, you’d be surprised how much you can memorize.  You can memorize big chunks of the Bilbe.  Yes you can and how to do it.  An audio talk is here:  How to memorize large chunks of the Bible.  by Jon Bloom of Desiring God.   From Look at the Book: Reading the Bible for Yourself)  September 26, 2014 by Jon Bloom
What might you memorize?  One suggestion is the program The Fighter Verses  In addition to the verses themselves which can by on cards,  on CD,  on a smart phone app  are also often in musical form and many can be found on You tube  One list being here by David Taliguit: