In the past 20 years,  more and more people describe themselves as ‘spiritual.’   How might such views or even your ‘spiritual’ views compare with a gospel centered life? 
In the gospel,  man can go in one step from death to life,  and yet the gospel is not the small thing that tips you into the kingdom but the large thing by which all of life is lived.   Some material to ponder:

What good news do you believe?  “What is the Gospel and What Does it look like”    DA Carson
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Where are you?  When you feel most alone you are not alone   “A Severe Mercy” by Bruce Waltke  Lessons from the life of Jacob
A Severe Mercy”  Mp3 (audio)
How are you?  Even in laughter there is sadness and  a crushed spirit who can bear.  What to do when you are misunderstood and there is no kind word  and no one to look to for help. 
For a brief summary of the gospel,  also see  Quest for Joy    or   The Gospel in 6 Minutes,  both from Desiring God