Leaving for Siberia!

There was no other way that I could see. The visas had to come in. After 3 weeks of delays, with 2 days left until the trip, some of us were starting to doubt. Rescheduling tickets would have cost us $400 a person, our day in Moscow, and part of the team orientation. And we didn’t have an extra $2400, anyway…we didn’t even have an extra $400. God had to move, the visas had to come, or we wouldn’t be going.

Well, long story short…we leave tomorrow morning, praise the Lord! Our daily plan: orphanage maintenance work in the mornings, children’s programs in the afternoons, city/village outreach in the evenings. We’ll be gone till July 17.

Pray for us. We’ll try to be in touch each day, with pictures and stories, but no promises…Internet might be hard to find. See you next post!


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