In Kuybyshev

Quite a few stories to tell, but there’s no Internet here! We’ve been working, running street outreach times and kids’ programs, and we hope to visit the Barabinsk orphanage on Wednesday. Everyone is well and doing okay, even though some of us are feeling homesick now and then. One of us still insists he wants to come live here for a summer or a year sometime 🙂

Right now I’m borrowing someone’s iPad with cellular Internet but don’t want to hold onto it for long. So, the stories will have to wait another few days:( We will be back at a spot with Internet on Saturday, Lord-willing.

A quick personal request for a kid I met named Dima… Just out of the army, having graduated from the very orphanage we are living at and helping remodel. Witnessed to him a bit and should talk to him more lag. Pray for some good sowing!