Well, that was a surprise. We have wifi here, but the website is unavailable from Russia…or at least, unavailable from where we’re at. So I need to control a USA PC from my iPhone to make these posts. And photos probably won’t be up until we’re back in the States. Hope you’ll all understand!

After 9 hours in the air, we landed for a whole day of tiring walks and bus rides in Moscow, plus jet lag. We really had no time or desire to do anything but see the Kremlin and Red Square area, and the best part of that was going inside St. Basil’s Cathedral. From the outside it looks like it might be one big room with lots of arches, but after paying admission and getting your bags searched, you find out the place is a cool mini-maze, with crannies and staircases winding around the main sanctuary on the second floor. And just as we were about to leave, a quartet started singing sacred Slavic music and the whole building resonated with the beautiful tune.

After a meal at an Arabian cafe, we left in plenty of time for the half-hour bus ride to the airport…which became two hours of putting up with the heat in stopped traffic and a half hour of stopping at every other airport terminal first. We were all out cold on the second flight, two of our bags were delayed, and jet lag was killing us, so arriving at our first stop in Novosibirsk was wonderful.

I’d love for this post to be better thought out and more personal, but I’m typing on a 3-inch screen, it’s hot, and we’re leaving on a train ride in a few minutes. Pray for us! I might have to post them all at once, but I’ll be writing some more posts soon.